Steck Elementary School Art Awareness Program

This Wiki contains material related to the Art Awareness program at Steck Elementary School in Aurora, IL. The objectives of this Wiki are to:
  • Communicate the purpose of the Art Awareness program
  • Provide instructions for volunteers or potential volunteers
  • Contain the Art Awareness classroom volunteer schedule and calendar of artists
  • Serve as the repository for Art Awareness presentation materials

This last point is significant because accumulation of a library of electronic presentation materials in a single, easily-accessible location can make volunteering for Art Awareness less stressful and more fun!

Note that all material on this Wiki can be downloaded by guests (i.e. no account required). If you wish to upload or modify presentation files or other material on this site, you can either request access or send files/requests to

All material is conveniently organized on the pages listed on the left of this one.

If you have any questions about this Wiki, its content, or the Art Awareness program in general, please email:

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